Transformative Facial 60
Transformative Facial 60 min - This hardworking facial uses the world’s only Anti-Vice Skin Recovery Treatment, developed by GOA Men’s Skincare to fight back against years of skin damage due to internal and external stresses. By using GOA’s Dark Phyto-Matter an organic infusion of retinoids, purified cell cultures, alpha-hydroxy acids and a high concentration of essential nutrients each solution strategically recovers the skin to its optimal, healthy form while protecting it from future damage.
EDB Nurturing Skin 60
EDB Nurturing Ritual 60 minutes - For in-depth firming action and an immediately noticeable healthy glow, experience the “icy wake-up” effect of this amazing treatment. This skin care ritual is recommended for dull or tired skin in need of a gentle refresh and enhanced blood circulation. Enjoy an application of a powerful creamy mask, created to hydrate and replenish the skin. Our firming facial experience offers a lip treatment and lotion application that helps to plump and tighten your skin. Leave feeling refreshed and vibrant.
EDB Signature Extreme 90
EDB Signature Extreme 90 minutes - This rejuvenating facial was specially developed to maximize the skin’s beauty and reduce signs of aging by acting on the most sensitive areas of the face. This treatment is recommended for mature, dehydrated, tired or dull skin in need of an extreme solution to fight the signs of aging. This treatment consists of a specialized Bio-collagen treatment mask, back and scalp massage, and intensive ingredients to help refresh and renew. It’s a serious anti-aging experience from start to finish.
EDB Radiance Ritual 90
EDB Radiance Ritual 90 minutes - Created for skin with increased pigmentation and dark spots, your treatment begins with a neck, back and shoulder massage to help intensify the relaxing effects of this facial throughout your entire body and face. This facial experience nourishes and renews your skin to highlight your youthful appearance and naturally balanced complexion making you feel simply radiant.
EDB Youth Bloom Ritual 60
EDB Youth Bloom Ritual 60 minutes - Think of this ritual as an “energizing vitamin cocktail” to magnify and preserve the natural glow of younger skin perfect before an important event or anytime the complexion appears dull. Created for young skin of any type, this treatment is ideal for anyone looking to learn more about how to properly care for their skin from an early age.