Little Dix Bay Journey 150
Little Dix Bay Journey 150 - This revitalizing ritual begins with a dry body exfoliation to cleanse your body from impurities and leave your skin ready to receive the benefits of our personalized aromatherapy treatment a soothing massage using specially blended oils to induce deep relaxation. This recovery treatment continues with an eye-lifting mask and a head massage to release tension. Your spirit will feel rejuvenated and truly revitalized!
Vital Detox 210
Vital Detox 210 minutes - Indulge yourself with this splendid experience. This journey begins with a detoxifying wrap with our Tropical Immune Boosting Mud, very effective for drawing out impurities and improving circulation. Followed by an interpretation of our exclusive signature massage, which uses bamboo canes to reduce tension and muscular pain. Finally, enjoy a luxurious hydrating and anti-aging facial to enhance the resilience and natural beauty of your skin.
The Baths 180
The Baths 180 minutes - This splendid spa journey continues with our warm body scrub made of fig & bergamot, rose and ground apricot stone. This scrub offers gentle exfoliation with the hot stones to polish your skin to perfection. This is followed by an application of our calming gel hydration mask made of aloe vera plants carefully cultivated in our gardens, mixed with a pure plant mask to restore skin cells. While your body is cocooned to maximize the benefits of the botanical ingredients, your hair and scalp will be pampered with a grapefruit and lemongrass hair mask to bring back its natural glow and moisture.